The Sunday Show - News Podcast

Gabriel Sunday and a team of journalists from the Center for Inquisitive Journalism attempt to answer the question: "What times are we living in?"

Featuring Jeff Davis (Harmontown), Johnny Pemberton (Superstore), Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Erin Matthews (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) Ron Lynch (Bob's Burgers),  Steve Agee (Rick and Morty), Clarissa Halloway (TCFIJ) and more...

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Dope State

A TV series documenting the

entrepreneurs chasing riches and revolution in the California cannabis boom.

Also features  Dan Harmon (creator of Rick & Morty, Community), The Lucas Brothers (22 Jump Street, Lucas Bros Moving Co), Sam Jay (Saturday Night Live), Ron Lynch (Bob’s Burgers), Mel Shimkovitz (Transparent, High Maintenance), Jibz Cameron (Dynasty Handbag), and Brandon Wardell (Hot Takes).

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